Welcome to BOURBONSOMM.com, the hub for education and enjoyment of the greatest original American Liquor:  Bourbon!

What is a "Bourbon Sommelier"?  Well, a sommelier is a wine expert who spends years loving, studying, and coming to understand wine.  A Bourbon Sommelier does the same with Bourbon.  Granted, there are not nearly as many bourbons as wines, but it still takes years of faithful tasting and study to unravel the magic and nuances of this liquid gold.

On this site you can find bourbon loving friends, tons of information, and you can increase your love of Bourbon.  OR, if you are a serious bourbon drinker you can order the guidebook and take the tests to become a Bourbon Somm!

Either way, please drink and enjoy bourbon, but do so responsibly as an adult.


Feel free to contact us at info@bourbonsomm.com if you have any immediate questions!