If it is your expressed goal to become a Bourbon Somm then you will need to know the following information.  This is the technical process and timeframe.

1.  Contact us at SommTest@BourbonSomm.com and get on the list of those interested in taking and who are taking the training and test.  This is free and it will get you connected to other passionate Bourbonites worldwide.

2.  You will be asked to provide a brief bio and resume to show if you have any real world bourbon experience.  If you do it will make things easier, BUT, it is NOT required, and if you have no real world experience (as bartender, bourbon company employee, etc.) you will simply have an extra stage in your training and testing.

3.  Order the Bourbon Book for $50 USD, and either the beginners training system guidelnes (for $25), or the advanced training system guidelines (for $10) [see above].

4.  Proceed through your training phases.  Fun adventures for those with experience, vital real world exercises for those without.

5.  Take your tests as provided by your Bourbon Master Trainer.  There will be oniline video to load, tastings to do, and written tests.  It varies from situation to situation, but this can cost as much as several hundred dollars if you need to buy everything, or close to nothing if you already have access to a bourbon bar.

6.  After training, when you feel ready, you can take the Borbon Somm Test.  This is three parts and costs $225.  Part one is recording a video and written essay on Bourbon.  Part two is a series of tastings.  Part Three is the long written test.

7.  If you pass you become a Certified Bourbon Sommelier and recieve your certificate and pin in the mail.  Contact SommTest@BourbonSomm.com with any questions.