Please Note.

Of course we are fully familiar with the arguments concerning Jack Daniels and other Tennessee whiskies.

Please do not send e-mail saying..."I am offended...why is Jack on the Bourbon list!"  etc.

Look, all Tennessee whiskey that is over 51% corn and aged in new charred barrels IS bourbon!  Bourbon does not have to be from Kentucky or Bourbon County (there is no bourbon being produced in the current Bourbon County), only America.  Canadian whiskies for instance do not apply, but last time I checked, Tennessee was in America.

Jack does not want to be called bourbon because they are number one (by millions of cases) and they like standing apart, not to mention bourbon is traditionally identified with Kentucky.  We respect that, but additional charcoal filtration does not necessarily make it NOT bourbon.  Maybe an argument could be made that 80% corn makes them a corn whiskey, or maybe the idea that the extra filtration should be considered an "additive" and so they would be disqualified under strict straight bourbon rules.  But really, the main reason Jack is not called bourbon is because they do not want to be.

Of course, we will respect Jack's tradition and say it is a Tennessee Whiskey, but for tasting puposes Tennessee Whiskies are bourbons and will be included in Bourbon Tastings and lists.  Having a bourbon tasting without Jack Daniels or George Dickel would not be complete.

Thank you for your understanding.